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A university-wide initiative bridging Cornell's New York City and Ithaca campuses


Infrastructure to Implement Research and Community Outreach

The Center for Health Equity is building the requisite infrastructure to ensure engagement by all stakeholders to advance a research and community outreach agenda. This infrastructure consists of the following “Cores” that will guide and inform all Center activities:

  1. Community Engagement and Dissemination Core to ensure productive, two-way academic scientist-community partnerships to integrate “on-the-ground” perspectives and produce research with direct relevant application to the community. This core includes the Patient Activated Learning System (PALS), an innovative online patient education platform which currently is being developed collaboratively with community partners to provide value for patients and caregivers alike.
  2. Administrative Core to monitor and advance health equity research, conducted both in New York City and upstate. Currently funded research programs include, among others, biological variations within individuals and personal behavior choices and interpersonal relationships that impact health-related decisions. Scientists with a wide variety of expertise will serve as a resource in this core.
  3. Investigator Development Core to generate research findings and help translate evidence into practical, understandable information for ethnically diverse populations. This core will include a pilot research program to seed larger research projects, as well as an annual Health Equity Symposium to both showcase the Center’s work and forge new connections for future collaborations.
  4. Education Core to coordinate offerings in health equity education across the two campuses. This taps into Cornell’s well established pipeline programs for engaging minorities to pursue health-related professions and scientific discovery – adding an explicit focus on engaging young scientists interested in research on health equity.

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The vision of the Cornell Center for Health Equity is to nurture durable academic-community partnerships to inform our research agenda, integrate community perspectives into our research, and develop an infrastructure to disseminate and implement the results of our work with the overarching goal of achieving health equity locally, regionally, and nationally.

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