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Ella B. Yitzhaki

Undergraduate Student



Harm reduction services, Substance use disorders


I’m an undergraduate student involved with or seeking opportunities for health equity research or practice

What I would like to offer as a collaborator…

As someone with experience at the intersection of Government and Health Policy, I provide insight into the previous, current, and future legislative landscape for Health Policy. From SUD treatment to the costs of preventable medical errors, I have gained invaluable knowledge and research experience from my Health Policy internships. These internships have allowed me to polish important skills such as making Health Policy proposals digestible in short memos, preparing diagrams, and conducting long-term, comparative research.

What I am looking for from a collaborator…

Being such a broad, expansive field, I would hope to expand my knowledge and experience in Health Policy in any way I can. Whether it be conducting research on an entirely new area of Health Policy or measuring the effectiveness of familiar policy proposals under new metrics, I am interested in taking on whatever opportunity would expand my background in this complex field. I hope to someday work as a Health Policy Advisor for a think tank, non-profit, organization, Member of Congress, Congressional Committee, or the Executive Branch. Before that happens, I would love to work alongside a collaborator who focuses on Domestic Health Policy, where equity and long-term impact is valued.