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Corinne Catarozoli, Ph.D.

Weill Cornell Medicine
Assistant Professor of Psychology in Clinical Psychiatry
Psychiatry & Pediatrics



Early childhood interventions, Integrated healthcare models


Clinical medicine, Implementation research


I’m a researcher involved with health equity research or practice, I’m an educator committed to diversity, equity and inclusion education, I’m a clinician practicing patient-centered care and advocating for equitable access to care

What I would like to offer as a collaborator…

As a collaborator, I would like to offer my experience and expertise in the area of child and adolescent mental health, the intersection of mental health and chronic medical illness, and integrating mental health into medical settings including primary care, subspecialty care, and inpatient units.

What I am looking for from a collaborator…

I am looking for collaborators with expertise in engaging community voices to inform healthcare delivery models, development of equitable healthcare services, and conducting inclusive research.