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Charley E. Willison, PhD, MPH, MA

Cornell University
Assistant Professor of Public and Ecosystem Health
Public and Ecosystem Health


Google Scholar


Harm reduction services, Health disparities, Substance use disorders, Homelessness


Community engagement, Mixed methods research, Qualitative data analysis, Survey research


I’m a researcher involved with health equity research or practice, I’m an educator committed to diversity, equity and inclusion education

What I would like to offer as a collaborator…

I am a political scientist studying the relationships between local politics, and public health political decision-making or policy outcomes. My research seeks to explain public health policy outcomes for the most disadvantaged Americans – persons in deep poverty, often with complex medical and behavioral health needs – who rely on public programs to address these needs, yet in many cases such policies are in short supply or absent. My research focuses on the influence of local politics and intergovernmental relations on these policy outcomes. Primary substantive areas of my research include homelessness, substance use disorders, and disaster response including communicable diseases and natural disasters.

What I am looking for from a collaborator…

I am always excited to connect with communities, policy makers, and scientists, studying and or working to improve policy processes to promote health equity.