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Abena Adwetewa-Badu, BA

Cornell University
Master of Public Health Candidate
Department of Public and Ecosystem Health



Student/Trainee/Staff Member

What I would like to offer as a collaborator…

My research interests involve the promotion of health equity in underrepresented populations through cross-sectoral partnerships. I am also interested in the implementation of inclusive and culturally competent health education, communication, and promotion to advance health.

What I am looking for from a collaborator…

I am currently pursuing a Master of Public Health (MPH), specializing in infectious disease. This program has equipped me with a variety of skills to assess and develop strategies needed to mitigate health issues. As an individual interested in pursuing a medical degree in the near future, through the Cornell Center for Health Equity, I hope to broaden my skills related to culturally competent care and research, reducing social determinants, and overall promoting health equity.