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Brendan M. Finnerty, MD

New York Presbyterian Hospital – Weill Cornell Medicine
Assistant Professor of Surgery



Academic Member

What I would like to offer as a collaborator…

As a board-certified Endocrine Surgical Oncologist dedicated to pursuing a career as a surgeon-scientist, my clinical and research interests lie within the field of Endocrine Oncology, including investigating functional adrenal tumors. Accordingly, one major focus of mine is to address the known under-diagnosis of primary aldosteronism as a treatable cause of secondary hypertension. Our group has retrospectively demonstrated exceedingly low screening rates for primary aldosteronism in an underserved population, and thus, we aim to prospectively implement an electronic medical record-based screening tool to identify this disease across a broad socio-economic cohort. Our goal is to identify risk factors for primary aldosteronism incorporating both quantitative clinical data as well as qualitative contributions from patient focus groups regarding the beliefs, challenges, and perceptions of disease. Ultimately, we hope to create a multidisciplinary platform for accurate diagnosis and treatment that integrates healthcare providers, patients, and community outreach in medically underserved and minority communities.

What I am looking for from a collaborator…

I believe I can contribute to the Center by addressing gaps in health disparity within the field of Endocrine Oncology. Given my background in clinical research, my goal is to identify factors associated with the under-diagnosis of primary aldosteronism in disparate populations and accordingly implement novel platforms to target these populations, eliminate disparities, and improve diagnostic rates. I believe that successful implementation of these novel platforms will help the Center maintain its goal of continually pursuing and affecting systemic progress in health equity. I personally hope the Center can provide me networking and collaborative opportunities to help streamline my goal of reducing health disparities in the field of endocrine surgery.