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Katriana Y. Galloway, BA

Cornell University
Undergraduate Student
College of Arts and Sciences



Student/Trainee/Staff Member

What I would like to offer as a collaborator…

In my pursuit of Biology and Anthropology majors and an Inequality Studies minor all at once in Cornell’s College of Arts and Sciences, I have thus far forged an undergraduate academic experience for myself that firmly rests at the intersection of the studies of life sciences as they relate to the human body and experience, of anthropological theory regarding the human species at bodily and at social levels, and of inequalities that lie at the foundation of human society and profoundly affect human life. Simultaneously involving myself in non-academic activities and organizations that explore related topics, I find a major collegiate focus of mine being, in broad terms, the relationship between the physical, anatomical aspects of human beings and the social circumstances that surround them. I seek to investigate ways in which each feeds into the other and, in turn, how obstacles in one realm might be countered in the same efforts that are aimed against corresponding obstacles in the other. The Center is home to endeavors of this very sort in that it hosts efforts to address health concerns as they relate to societal inequalities, thereby working against both at one time.

What I am looking for from a collaborator…

With research in both wet lab and soft science lab environments under my belt, I bring to the table both an interest in and an experienced approach to research that has one foot in the life sciences and the other in the humanities. As articulated in my response to the previous question, my academic path so far leads rather directly to the doorstep of work such as that done by the Center, equipping me with understandings that leave me ready and eager to assist in the Center’s work however I can. Out of a membership with the Center, I hope to acquire much more knowledge and understanding in the areas of study, and the overlaps between them, that interest me most. I hope to come into contact with professionals and other students whose interests align with my own and who can offer me insight on how I might pursue those interests in deeper academics and professionally.