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Yuexing Hao, MS

Cornell University
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Health Equity/Research Interest

1. Developing advanced clinical outcomes assessments. I would like to conduct studies to design and evaluate measures of patient-reported outcomes centered on patients’ needs and preferences, followed by my internship’s research. It will be more efficient and accurate for patients to figure out their personal needs and improve the clinical outcomes.
2. Improving methods for developing and evaluating health measures. Before gathering the information, I would start to identify the patients’ and caregivers’ preferences and set important criteria for measuring clinical outcomes. The future health measurements will focus more on patient-reported outcomes. It’s important to address problems of improving patients’ engagements, bridging up the gaps between non-clinical patients and caregivers, and developing techniques and platforms that put patients’ concerns, values, and preferences in priority.
3. Building novel patient-centered techniques for health-related problems. The interactions on management interfaces, clinicians, and patients are quite limited, even though design techniques are quite advanced. Building on the current problems and interfaces, I expect to design patient-centered systems starting from patients’ perspectives, which can have the ability to build stronger connections between clinicians and patients. The information can become more transparent and the relationships between patients and patients’ families will much closer.


My expertise in computer science can help the technical system or platforms to be more patient-friendly, regardless of their age, gender, location, race, or other factors.

I would like to work and collaborate with several professors or other fellows to promote health equity. There is not much education on health equity nowadays and it is very important to raise public recognition and attention. Since health intelligence has already become a popular topic, it is important to put health equity on the prioritized list.




Research Assistant


Cornell University

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Department of Design & Environmental Analysis

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Community Engagement and Dissemination, Education

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