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Maurice Hinson, MD

Youth Empowerment Services in Medicine
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Youth Empowerment Services in Medicine (YES iM) wishes to address the existing racial/ethnic health and healthcare disparities in the United States through increasing the number of underrepresented physicians in medicine. Specifically, YES iM targets its efforts to increase the number of Black and Latino male physicians, as well as increasing the number of underrepresented women in healthcare leadership positions. Through its operational alliance with the Black and Latino Men in Medicine (BLMiM) and its corresponding Science and Leadership in Medicine (SLiM) Mentoring program, as well as with its regional partnering organizations, YES iM assists in providing underrepresented high school and undergraduate students the opportunity to engage in continuous pipeline programming to support, guide, and enrich their medical journeys. Through immersive exposure and educational programming, YES iM also wishes to equip program scholars with the information and basic skills needed to help improve the health literacy of our Black and Hispanic communities.


As Founder of BLMiM, I’ve been afforded the opportunity to navigate the diversity community at WCM and NY region. These experiences have garnered a network which, in partnership with the Center for Health Equity, would certainly aid in coordinating the most impactful opportunities needed for our underrepresented youth. Additionally, the Center’s academic resources would assist in establishing metrics and appropriate study design to effectively measure the impact of our efforts.






Youth Empowerment Services in Medicine

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Community Engagement and Dissemination, Investigator Development/Mentorship, Education

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