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Kashmira S. Chawla, MD, MSc

Cornell University
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Witnessing the narratives behind illness in developing countries early on, I came to understand the biological phenomena of disease as a complex function of cultural norms and lack of access to basic needs, mired in abuse of human rights. I also learned that the challenges to obtaining high quality anesthesia and surgical care are rooted in dysfunctional healthcare systems, ineffective policies, and disempowered individuals.I am committed to a career as a global anesthesiology researcher. My overall research goals are to conduct research to ensure high-value anesthesia, and critical care for marginalized communities in developing countries. Specifically, I am interested in understanding and mapping the capacity for anesthesia and critical care, characterizing the usage of anesthesia techniques, assessing metrics for quality anesthesia care, and tracking patient outcomes. I hope to design and implement these research protocols in order to identify gaps in perioperative and intraoperative care. This will subsequently inform the formulation of robust, long-term interventions that can be evaluated in real-world settings. Lastly, I plan to disseminate my findings and ultimately, influence global anesthesia and critical care delivery policies.


I will be able to contribute my robust analytical skills in epidemiology, human rights lens, and insights due to grassroots national and international public health programming experiences.
I hope to gain mentorship and collaboration opportunities.




Paul Farmer Global Surgery Fellowship Research Fellow


Cornell University

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Community Engagement and Dissemination, Investigator Development/Mentorship, Education

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