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Basil A. Safi, BS, MPH

Cornell University
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Health Equity/Research Interest

I am interested in learning more about the ways community-engaged learning can impact students, communities, and lead to the institutional change necessary to support long-term sustainability. In addition, work with an established center that brings its own community partnerships, provides a lens through which to test a number of partnership convening and thematic strategies that are embedded within the goals of Engaged Cornell.


I am interested in supporting the center to advance the health and well-being of residents throughout this region. As background and training is rooted in public health, I would like to support the center is achieving in community engagement objectives. It would be an honor to serve alongside these esteemed individuals and play a small part in guiding this pivotal work throughout the state.




Executive Director


Cornell University

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Office of Engagement Initiatives

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Community Engagement and Dissemination

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