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Roger Figueroa, PhD, MPH, MSc

Cornell University
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Health Equity/Research Interest

My research combines concepts and methods across disciplinary boundaries to examine interconnections between the social and behavioral determinants of health and nutrition, with a particular focus on children’s energy-balance behaviors in underrepresented and low-income communities.


My research program is community centered. I have conducted studies focusing on childhood obesity in diverse early childhood contexts, low-income, and U.S. Latino families. For example, I have engaged in research activities with participants in: (a) Flea markets and Laundromats in low-income community settings in San Antonio, TX; (b) Hispanic Church settings in San Antonio, Texas; (c) Family child care settings, and Hispanic family homes in East-Central Illinois; (d) Low-resourced child- and health-care settings abroad (Eastern Mexican and Sub-Saharan populations); (e) and Low-income neighborhoods in the greater Boston area. Conducting research in these contexts is critical for a number of reasons, including: (a) Targeting participants otherwise underrepresented in research; (b) Better understanding the social and neighborhood conditions affecting human health in certain communities (i.e., access to health promoting features, walkability); and (c) Embracing the multistage process to logistically conduct the research (i.e., building rapport and establishing partnerships, documenting process). As an aspiring member of the Cornell Center for Health Equity, I hope to share my experiences in promoting equitable health among priority populations with affiliated members of the center through networking, collaborations, and education.




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Cornell University

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Division of Nutritional Sciences

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Community Engagement and Dissemination, Investigator Development/Mentorship, Education

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