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Barbara Harrison

Single Payer New York (SPNY)
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Health Equity/Research Interest

My area of interest is in passing legislation that will provide every resident of New York State with equitable healthcare. My specific focus is in working with poor rural residents who suffer from a limited access to preventative medicine and treatment in the existing system. My research and personal experience shows that some of the challenges facing these underserved groups are that they have no alternative to the present healthcare system lack knowledge about systems and strategies for influencing the political process and generally do not trust outsiders to support their interests. These factors are exacerbated by the fact that they often lack personal transportation as well as time and child- care for collection action and planning. In this historic time it is critical that we bridge the class and cultural divide to create an inclusive approach to solving problems by including all voices at the table.


I hold a master’s degree in Community Change and Civic Leadership focused on environmental justice. I have been working with Physicians for National Health Program (PNHP) and Single Payer New York (SPNY) for passage of single payer health legislation on both the federal and state level. Lobbying legislators in Washington, DC and Albany, NY with coalition members for federal and state legislation in support of single payer health coverage. Educating community members by creating presentations, workshops, handouts, flyers, tabling, petitioning radio interviews. Website administrator and Treasurer for Single Payer New York. Grant Writer, wrote and received grant money from Sustainable Tompkins for film “Speaking Out for Health Care for Everyone” , 2015 Pegasys Award Best Public Access produced, videotaped and edited individuals stories regarding experiences with the health system and the necessity for single payer. Produced Michael Milligan’s play “Mercy Killers” including locating theatre space, publicity flyer, and program design, setting up interviews and master classes at New York Health Act Hearings Syracuse and Albany NY. Pre called and emailed individuals and organizations to discuss testifying at Syracuse hearing to lay groundwork for Syracuse organizer. Videotaped in Syracuse and Albany individual’s responses to the question “Why did you come to the hearing?” By becoming a member of the Center I hope to connect with people who share similar interests, collaborate with researchers and educators, and gain further insight into working with underserved populations.


Single Payer New York (SPNY)

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