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Nicola Dell, PhD

Cornell University
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Health Equity/Research Interest

My research interests are in human-computer interaction (HCI) information and communication technologies for development (ICTD). My main focus is on designing building deploying and evaluating novel computing systems that improve the lives of underserved populations in low-income regions. I am broadly interested in understanding the social technical and infrastructural challenges faced by diverse populations in low-resource settings and creating new technologies to address their uniquely situated needs. To do this I partner with numerous NGOs and government ministries to design and deploy novel computing systems that aim to have a positive impact in the world.


I am an expert in the design implementation and evaluation of computing technologies that aim to solve problems in health equity. I am looking for community partners and collaborators with medical and health expertise that have in need for or are excited about new technology-based interventions that will positively impact health equity.




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Cornell University

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