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Caitlin Hoffman, MD

Cornell University
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My research interest focuses on reducing attrition of URM pipeline students. Mentorship is an essential component of perseverance confidence and success. Through collaboration with Mentoring in Medicine in the Bronx we are therefore creating a longitudinal mentorship program that targets modifiable components of preparedness to increase application and matriculation of under-represented under-served minority students on our pipeline. We aim to track our metrics of curriculum implementation and impact on outcome to provide a tool that can be implemented by peer institutions nationally.


I serve as the Diversity Champion for our department and have established a collaboration with Dr. Lynne Holden Founder of Mentoring in Medicine to sponsor labs in our Neurosurgical Innovations space for students interested in the health sciences. This collaboration and experience provides a connection to students who could benefit from the initiatives of the Center. I have also pursued Healthcare Executive Diversity and Inclusion Certification through the AAMC education and training that provides resources to help structure future initiatives and program development within the college. I hope to gain networking and funding opportunities through involvement with the Center.




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Cornell University

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