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Neil Lewis Jr, PhD

Cornell University
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Health Equity/Research Interest

I am social psychologist whose research generally asks two questions (1) what motivates people to pursue our goals and (2) how does the interplay between our identities and social contexts support or undermine our goal pursuit efforts? I am particularly interested in using the answers to these questions to address social disparities particularly disparities in education and health outcomes.


I hope this center will help to facilitate research collaborations with health equity researchers at Weill Cornell. As I study racial and economic disparities in health outcomes. I am increasingly interested in studying medical education practices and how they influence discordant doctor-patient interactions that sometimes contribute to disparities. I’m particularly interested in conducting research to facilitate better doctor-patient interactions across social groups in hopes of reducing disparities. Connecting with researchers and educators at Weill would help tremendously with this research goal.




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Cornell University

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