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Parag Goyal, MD

Cornell University
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As an Assistant Professor of Medicine I am currently growing my research program which focuses on the intersection between geriatric conditions and heart failure. To this end I am currently funded by the National Institute on Aging (R03) to examine the impact of medication prescribing patterns on post-hospitalization outcomes among older adults with heart failure. I ultimately hope to leverage these findings toward developing logical approaches to improving pharmacotherapy in a population disproportionately vulnerable to adverse drug reactions and their associated negative outcomes. Through this work I aim to reduce age-related disparities in outcomes among older adults with heart failure.


I am a board-certified Cardiologist with training in advanced heart failure; and a health services researcher with a Master’s of Science in Clinical Epidemiology & Health Services Research and a special interest in geriatric medicine. I bring a unique blend of skills and interests to the Center as an emerging leader in the growing field of Geriatric Cardiology. I believe that my growing research program can provide opportunities for collaboration with other like-minded researchers. Through this membership I personally hope to broaden my own network and find collaborators who share my passion for health services research.




Assistant Professor of Medicine


Cornell University

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