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Anabella Pinton, Master of Public Health

Cornell University
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As a current public health student at Cornell, my research interests relate to population health and health policy. A large part of population health revolves around health disparities and through my work, I would like to improve the lives of individuals by making effective and more inclusive health policies. Particularly, I am interested in minority populations and aiding in reducing health disparities present in our current healthcare system. The Cornell Center for Health Equity (CCHEq) focuses on addressing health disparities through research and community engagement, which aligns with my goal of creating more equitable healthcare solutions from a policy perspective.


My previous experience as a research assistant for the Hospitalist Project at UChicago Medicine allowed me to see firsthand disparities in our healthcare system and has motivated me to work to address those matters. Specifically, in the role, I conducted inpatient interviews asking patients about the quality of care they received at UChicago hospitals. One of the most glaring disparities is the distribution of hospitals in the Chicagoland area. Some patients have commute times of 1-2 hours to get to their nearest hospital. Usually, patients with longer commute times were more likely to forgo clinical visits which led to worse health outcomes over time. In this position, I was on the data collecting side of understanding health disparities, which is imperative for the creation of potential interventions. I believe this experience benefits the Center because I understand the complexity and process of creating health equitable solutions. Furthermore, I would like to take on a greater role in this process, specifically, in community outreach work. Out of my membership I hope to participate in community driven initiatives as well as connect with individuals that have similar research interests as me. Additionally, I look forward to learning from advanced researchers in the field and aspire to continue equity driven research and policies.


Master of Public Health




Cornell University

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Community Engagement and Dissemination, Investigator Development/Mentorship, Education

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