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Pauniz P. Salehi, BS

Cornell University
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My areas of research primarily involve that of pre-med and nutritional studies. Indeed, this relates to the Center of Health Equity because it is critical that the medical system provides equal care for everyone so as to ensure that our society receives the quality care we deserve. Nevertheless, unfortunately, much inequity prevails in our medical system and remains overlooked. That said, I hope to stay informed and be a voice of justice once I become a doctor in the near future. Likewise, I aspire to be an advocate for equity in medicine to my peers.


Besides participating in research, I have been fortunate enough to volunteer at several different hospitals since high school. Indeed, my most recent hands-on experience was shadowing at the Yale University – New Haven hospital for the entirety of summer 2019. Likewise, I took a course this summer called Practicing Medicine that opened my eyes to the inequity that persists in the medical field; by being aware of this unequalness, I am confident that I can play an integral role in the Center’s mission. From my membership in the Center, I aspire to become an advocate for equity in the medical field and ensure that everybody, despite their “race,” income, gender, etc., is offered the same quality of care. I believe with my hard work and determination, as well as the network I can become a part of via the Center, I will have the unique opportunity to genuinely make our health system better.






Cornell University

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Community Engagement and Dissemination, Investigator Development/Mentorship, Education

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