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Evan Sholle, MS

Cornell University
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I am an informatics professional and researcher at Weill Cornell Medicine. In my primary, operational role, I work with a team of analysts and software developers to coordinate clinical and translational research informatics efforts at WCM, liaising with investigators directly to determine their requirements and matching them with the appropriate tools and services that best meet their needs.

In my role as a researcher, I am primarily interested in secondary use of electronic health record data for several, specific applications, including but not limited to: response assessment in hematologic malignancies, health disparities research, and social determinants of health. I am particularly interested in the sociocultural mechanisms by which racial and ethnic disparities in care propagate, and in innovative interventions by which the healthcare system might better serve patients across cultural gaps.


My operational role as an informatics professional leaves me uniquely situated to benefit the Center by providing support for Center research initiatives seeking to make use of electronic patient data, both within the administrative and regulatory realm (how do I get data? Whom should I ask for data? What sort of approval do I need?) and within the informatics realm (how do I connect data sets together? Can I geocode these addresses?). I am also familiar with the application of cutting-edge computational methodologies, including machine learning, natural language processing, and others, and am willing to collaborate with investigators who have a compelling use case but lack the technical expertise to apply these techniques.

I am hoping to meet other researchers interested in investigating health disparities from the standpoint of population-level data analytics, especially investigators with an active clinical practice. I am also hoping to further awareness within the health equity community of informatics tools and methods.




Manager, Research Informatics Services


Cornell University

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