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Madeline Sterling, MD, MPH

Cornell University
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I’m a general internist and a health services researcher. My overall research goal is to improve outcomes for adults with chronic health conditions. In particular I have been focused on congestive heart failure (CHF). As a fellow at WCM I studied social cognitive and sensory deficits among adults with CHF and the effect of these factors on patients’ health behaviors and outcomes. This work highlighted how critical caregivers are to CHF patients since in addition to cognitive impairment and sensory deficits many of these patients have multiple chronic conditions and functional disability. Thus my current and future work aims to characterize the spectrum of caregiving (formal and informal) that CHF patients rely on particularly since formal or paid caregiving in CHF is highly prevalent yet largely understudied. To do so I have formed a partnership with the 1199SEIU’s Home Care Industry Education Fund and lead several studies which focus on home care workers who care for adults with CHF.


Over the next few years I will be involved in a series of community-engaged research projects which focus on home care workers a vulnerable group of paraprofessionals. My goal is to design novel interventions which improve the quality of care delivered by home care workers to adults with heart failure and to integrate the home care workers into the overall healthcare team. Ultimately I hope that this work will improve healthcare delivery for adults with CHF and allow them and eventually adults with other chronic diseases to avoid hospitalization and have an optimal quality of life. I believe this work falls within the mission of the Center and I hope that by joining I will be able to collaborate with researchers in Ithaca (social scientists health economists labor/union experts).




Assistant Professor of Medicine


Cornell University

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