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Amelia Greiner-Safi, PhD, MS

Cornell University
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I’m an applied social and behavioral scientist with expertise in public health and communication. My work focuses on upstream/social determinants of health on topics including tobacco HIV mental health zoning flooding and environmental toxins. I often focus on vulnerable populations elucidate differential impacts of plans or policies or consider interventions that are appropriate based on variations in vulnerability. My interest in communication both informs the study design and the dissemination of findings as I am interested in translating findings to various audiences including policy audiences. My teaching address health disparities and the multilevel drivers and interventions that could address them.


I’m excited to bring my public health mixed methods social science and risk communication experience to this group. I’ve worked in urban and rural settings with youth and adults clinicians and academics across an array of disciplines policy makers powerful research participants and extremely vulnerable ones. I like thinking about how to explore and talk about these issues so they register. Part of the focus of Cornell’s new MPH program is applied research practice and engagement in particular around equity; participation in this this group should help advance that mission. I look forward to keeping up to date on the work in this area for my research teaching and students and continuing to expand my network and possible collaborators.




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Cornell University

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