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I’m a researcher involved with health equity research or practice, I’m a community-based leader interested in collaboration to improve health equity, I left academia to do direct service harm reduction work and now work at a public health organizing/policy agency.


Aster Parrott, M.A., M.S., B.A.

Cortland Area Community That Cares
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Health Equity/Research Interest

I’m interested in connecting health equity research with public health practice. I have a unique combination of training and experience that allow me to think and communicate across disciplinary and professional boundaries. My past experience operating Ithaca’s syringe exchange and my current experience doing local-public health coordinating and policy work build on my academic work on the knowledge politics of harm reduction to give me a critical and nuanced perspective on health equity.

I earned an M.A. in Science and Technology Studies from Cornell University in 2019 and M.S. from Drexel University’s Science, Technology, and Society Program in 2016.


I’m interested in connecting with researchers who are invested in using research to substantively challenge public health systems, infrastructures, and models that contribute to health disparities. I want partners who do research with–not just on–marginalized/vulnerable people and center their voices and needs throughout the research process.


M.A., M.S., B.A.


Community Engagement Coordinator


Cortland Area Community That Cares

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Healing Cortland Project

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Community Engagement & Advocacy, Education, I’m not sure yet

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