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Katherine L. Dickin, PhD

Cornell University
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Health Equity/Research Interest

I conduct formative, implementation, and evaluation research on effectiveness of community-based programs to improve nutrition and reduce food insecurity and health inequities in the US and globally. This includes qualitative and quantitative research on maternal and child nutrition behaviors, enabling environments, food security, capacity building for multisectoral nutrition, and sustainable food systems, with attention to local knowledge, social norms, and values. A central focus is the interface between public health practitioners and communities, to understand socioecological influences on delivery and use of interventions for low-income families.


My expertise is in applied research methods, focused on development, implementation and evaluation of nutrition programs designed to reduce inequities. I have experience working with low-income families in New York to understand food insecurity and other stresses that influence parenting and feeding practices. I have also worked in several low-income countries in Africa and Asia, again doing applied research to improve nutrition and health outcomes among families living in poverty. I am interested in connecting with other researchers and community organizations to collaborate on ensuring that community voices and perspectives shape focus and design of interventions and research contributes to program effectiveness. I hope to learn about new research methodologies, intervention approaches, and innovations to enhance access to healthy food and contribute to global health equity.




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Cornell University

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Population Medicine & Diagnostic Sciences

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Community Engagement and Dissemination, Education

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