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Onyinye Balogun, MD

Cornell University
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Health Equity/Research Interest

I study local and global disparities in cancer care delivery and outcomes. In particular, I focus on women’s health i.e. breast cancer, cervical cancer and endometrial cancer. There are persistent inequities in the outcomes for women with these cancers across the nation and within cities. In partnership with the Cornell Center for Health Equity, I aim to pinpoint the reasons for these pervasive disparities and craft solutions to eliminate them.


I have prior experience with community education and outreach.
I also have experience with clinical research and trial development.
I hope to work with like-minded colleagues to ensure that the health of our communities (especially as it relates to cancer) is improved and not dependent on your race or socioeconomic status.




Assistant Professor


Cornell University

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Radiation Oncology

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Community Engagement and Dissemination, Investigator Development/Mentorship, Education

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