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Kimberly Bloom-Feshbach, MD

Cornell University
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As a physician, medical educator and investigator, I aspire to build, teach and empirically study a practice of medicine that is as unrelenting in its application of scientific rigor as it is generous in its consideration of the whole person. My work tackles problems of empathy loss, communication failure, power dynamics, and physician burnout. Clinically, I am interested in improving communication and sharing power with patients. I hope to design and evaluate educational curricula informed by key stakeholders to improve outcomes for vulnerable patients including those with limited English proficiency, low health literacy, distrust in medicine, and geriatric patients with complex disease and limited prognosis. I am also interested in creating medical education curricula that seek to improve communication and foster humanism from the medical student through faculty development level, though peer mentoring, reflection and discussion. I am eager to collaborate with colleagues in the Center who have shared interests and perspectives in these domains.


I have an interdisciplinary background in Religious Studies with a focus on medical anthropology and bioethics as well as an epidemiological research background at the NIH. After undergoing a train-the-trainer communication program at Vital Talk, I am hoping to find through the Center collaborators interested in applying these techniques to improve care for vulnerable patients.




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Cornell University

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Community Engagement and Dissemination, Investigator Development/Mentorship, Education

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