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I’m a researcher involved with health equity research or practice, I’m a graduate student involved with or seeking opportunities for health equity research or practice


Mya O. Price, Ph.D Candidate

Feeding America
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Health Equity/Research Interest

As a representative with Feeding America, I’d be able to offer connections to members across the organization and with food bank network members across the nation. In addition, I work with over 75+ community-based partner organizations who are POC-led and centered nationwide. Through these key connections and collaborations, I’d be able to build deeper connections between all entities.


I’d like to learn and be more closely connected with other representatives in my field, and/or from different research backgrounds.


Ph.D Candidate


Director, Food Security Equity Impact Fund


Feeding America

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Equity Department

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Area of Expertise (Methods)


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Area of Expertise (Content)


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Area of interest

Community Engagement & Advocacy, Research, including research training & mentoring

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