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Molly C. Sequin, MA

Cornell University
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Health Equity/Research Interest

Working at Weill Cornell Medicine and living in New York City has opened my eyes to much more diversity than I was able to experience growing up in the Midwest. This has come with both heartwarming and heartbreaking realizations about the way our communities function. I’m committed to better understanding my own privileges and using my voice to speak for those who do not have the same resources and status in society.


I’ve spent my professional career working with diverse groups of people, learning how they have different struggles that I wasn’t even aware of at parts of my life. Working in higher education, at the University of Wisconsin and Weill Cornell Medicine, have directly shown me disparities in health equity. However, this has also given me the chance to work with inclusive and diverse researchers and leaders. I hope to use what I already know to make positive differences in my community and beyond, as well as continue learning from people with more experience (both professionally and personally) to increase health equity.




Communications Specialist


Cornell University

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Department of Population Health Sciences

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Community Engagement and Dissemination, Education

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