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Alessandra Cruz

Cornell University
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I was referred by Dr. Madeline Sterling to join the Cornell Center for Health Equity to explore my research interest in understanding the HCW and patient- physician relationship. What interventions can we utilize to improve numeracy and health literacy among heart failure and cognitively impaired HF patients? Through chart reviews and community-based research I hope to continue the research studies led by Dr. Madeline Sterling which includes Numeracy Health Literacy Cognition and 30-Day Re-admissions among Patients with Heart Failure and Home care workers in heart failure: a systematic review in the Journal of Multidisciplinary Healthcare and the Vanderbilt Inpatient Cohort Study.


My experiences as a volunteer in the triage of the Emergency Room in Philippine General Hospital in the Philippines inspired my interest in the Cornell Center for Health Equity. I became more aware of the health inequities within the healthcare and medical system when I found that patients could not read medicine labels in English nor could they afford and access basic medical needs such as pain relievers and anesthesia. As a member I would like to create networks with Cornell students and faculty interested in health equity research attend symposiums across campus and take courses pertaining to health equity.




Cornell University

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